New competition series – DSE Children European Grand Prix

30th March 2017

DanceSport Europe presents a new competition series of DSE Children European Grand Prix for Juveniles I, II and Juniors I and II age categories in standard and latin-american dances. The first „leg“ of this series is being held in the Czech Republic as a part of a program of Brno Open Dance Festival 1.-2. April 2017. The best couples with the highest ranking score from three of competitions included into the series will be announced as winners of DSE Children European Grand Prix and they will get a special winning trophy. DSE trusts that this series will motivate the young generation for sport activities and competitions.

One of the main goals of DanceSport Europe is also to support and participate in the university sport. For the second time in Brno DSE is being a partner of the CAUS International Academic Championship. (Text: Bartunkova)

DSE Children European Grand Prix Rules