7th March 2018

Dear Friends,
Brno is being a traditional meeting point of the top of the DanceSport. Besides the international DanceSport events, WDSF and CDSF championships, a series of juvenile and junior competitions, DanceSport Europe Children European Grand Prix found its place in Brno.

The first season of DSE CHEGP series was kicked up in Brno in 2017. Overall more than 600 couples from 28 countries participated in 6 competitions during the year. In Lviv, Ukraine the best couples were awarded based on the Rank List of this series. In 2018 DSE CHEGP was held in Spain and Ukraine one more time, nowadays in Brno. In the DSE calendar for 2018 destinations such as Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and also last but not least again Czech Republic, Hradec Králové 13.-14. October 2018 can be found. More countries like Italy, Latvia, France, Romania are interested to organize DSE CHEGP this year. More information is available at, fb and Instagram Dance Sport Europe.

We are very pleased for the interest. On behalf of DanceSport Europe many thanks to the organizers, namely to the team of Dvectis DSP Kometa Brno and Czech DanceSport Federation. We wish lots of success and joy of dance to all participants.