DSE CHEGP 2018 is finished in Maribor with a great amount of couples and countries

16th December 2018

DSE Children European Grand Prix series for 2018 was completed with Maribor, Slovenia. Durning Maribor Open 134 couples from 15 different countries were competed, earning the points for DSE Ranking with the hope to win all season trophy in each of six categories. We noticed the most pointed event ever in Junior II latin category with coefficient 1,6 during that competition, so it was a great chance for couples to upgrade their ranking position.

All the year includes 19 events which were running in 10 different countries. Totally 1821 young couples from 21 countries were competing in that series of competitions during that year. Its second season of DSE CHEGP and we notice unbelievable growing in numbers of couples and countries. We already looking for 2019.


  • DSE CHEGP JUVENILES STANDARD & LATIN – Antoni Pacan & Anna Jarzyńska from Poland
  • DSE CHEGP JUNIOR I STANDARD – Mateusz Stawowy & Sara Silva from Poland
  • DSE CHEGP JUNIOR I LATIN – Vojtech Kovarnik & Anna Jiskova from Czech Republic
  • DSE CHEGP JUNIOR II STANDARD – Bartosz Rydyj & Aleksandra Zając from Poland
  • DSE CHEGP JUNIOR II LATIN – Robert Veide & Amanda Rebeca Padar from Estonia

see you next year