Update of DSE Children European Grand Prix Rules for 2019

28th January 2019

DSE will start new season very soon – February 3rd in Zagreb, Croatia and February 16th in Kedainiai, Lithuania.

As every year DSE managing Committee update the Rules of that series to be more close to WDSF changes as well as our members wishes.

You can find already the new 2019 rules version on our website under Documents and Regulations.

What did we changed?

As you can see we have more and more competitions in more countries (new countries – Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Macedonia) so we decided to count 6 competition results for the Ranking system (before was 4). We also allowed 11 judges panels now (before was just 7 or 9). There will be a big differences in counting points according to the amount of countries taking part. From now on, we will count all countries not only DSE member countries to set the cooficient number . Another news is: no Redance any more and a bit flexible amount of couples to the next round in special situations. For the organisers we asked now to prepare the results in special txt file so we will be able to upload all results immediately (there were manually input to that time)

We wish all the couples very successful 2019…. Happy Feet…. Keep Dancing