Important updates after DSE MC meeting, Vienna, November 15th

9th December 2019

After the DSE Managing Committee Meeting held in Vienna on November 15th, we would like to inform all of our members that DSE approved new rules for DSE CHEGP for 2020. 

New rules can be found here.

Also is important for you to know that the new rules are agreed with WDSF.

The major changes are as follows: 

– We limited DSE CHEGP competitions up to 2 per country for all 2020 (plus Final competition in any country).

– We allowed only couple with WDSF MIN to take part in DSE CHEGP competitions.

– We will increase the fee for the package of DSE CHEGP competition up to 600 euro and we will share this fee 50/50 with WDSF.

There are already approved competitions for 2020. You can check them here.