DSE Annual General Meeting Agenda

30th June 2022

In accordance with the DSE statutes, DSE Managing Committee announces the final agenda and schedule of meetings for the DSE 2022 Annual General Assembly to be held on weekend August 28, 2022 in Zadar, Croatia.

The day before the General Meeting, on August 27, 2022, the DSE will organize DanceSport Forum, open to all representatives of the DanceSport community.

The central theme of the forum will be the discussion of the future development path of DanceSport in Europe.

DSE National Member Bodies will also have the opportunity to present a topic of their interest, for which no more than 15 minutes will be allocated. NMB’s wishing to make a submission must inform the DSE office by e-mail no later than August 1th, 2022. in order for the topic to be included into the Forum agenda.

We believe that the forum will be an excellent platform for the long-awaited joint meeting of various representatives of the DanceSport community who will be able to exchange opinions and express their views and suggestions.
The voice of the members is very important to us therefor we encourage DanceSport community to participate in this event.

DSE AGM 2022 Agenda