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DSE European Championships of National Teams

3rd December 2018

For the first time in Poland but already third time ever couples from different countries coming to run for DSE European Championships of National Teams trophy.

Very warm atmosphere we can observe during the final of that wonderful competition. A lot of public and supporters. Live stream TV. All of that in Wałbrzych, Poland as a part of dance festival Sudeckie Perły.

During the final with the score of 93 points and the WINNER was Team from ROMANIA !!! Just 6 points behind and silver medal went to POLAND – 87 points. Bronze medal with 61 points went to ISRAEL. Next places in the final were as follows SLOVAKIA – fourth, UKRAINE – fifth and BELARUS – six place.

On behalf of DanceSport Europe congratulations of all the team and countries who support that great idea. Hopefully we will see even more teams in 2019. If your country are interested to organize it, do not hesitate to contact me



24th November 2018

Dear couples, this is last chance for the ranking points in 2018 DSE Children European Grand Prix.

We are still not sure who will be the winner of each category and get the final prize for all the year best season award. Only the WINNERS of each category will be extra awarded in Maribor.

Just for your information – only the best 4 results from last 12 months are counted. You can see details of the points and competition which are counted or not. Just click on your name in the ranking page.

Juveniles couples are allowed to dance in Junior I category and Junior I couples in Junior II category as well – start to collect your points for next season now !!! Even if you will change the category in 2019.



The most busy month for Children European GrandPrix is over

31st October 2018

Wow, October was the most busy month until now for DSE competition calendar. Six competitions in five different countries were ran during that month. We started in Bucharest, Romania – Violet Cup and Kaunas, Lithuania – Autumn Cup, then DSE moves to Lviv, Ukraine – Lviv Open, Elbląg, Poland – Baltic Cup and last but not least Czech Republic for two competitions Hradec Kralove Open and Prague Dance Festival.

Overall during that month we had unbelivible 626 couples from 14 different countries competing in our DSE Children European Grand Prix series. You can see all the details in our result page as well as updating DSE Ranking.

As you can see everything can happen according our overall year winners for each category. It’s close enough among top couples so still we can not be sure who will be THE BEST.

Just two more chances left for this year !!! Next weekend in Wałbrzych, Poland and the last FINAL DSE CHEGP in Maribor, Slovenia 1-2 December.

We want also share with you good news – DSE is back into WDSF website calendar, so all of you can find our competitions in both DSE and WDSF calendars. We are very happy about that.


Slovakia and Poland host the DSE CHEGP

2nd October 2018

End of September was the time for another two competitions being part of DSE Children European Grand Prix 2018.

Slovak Open Championships in Bratislava was the place were 86 young couples from 10 different countries were compete.

A week later in Poland during Karkonosze Open we had another competition from that series. There were 116 couples from 7 different countries danced in that festival.

We are very proud that more and more kids, young athletes and of course the organisers are willing to take part in our idea and be part of the DanceSport Europe Children European Grand Prix. We are also happy to see enjoyment and happiness on the faces of our young athletes. They are our future.

We are looking for October, is the most packed month ever for us and our DSE CHEGP. You are all invited to our events:

  • 6-7 Bukarest, Romania
  • 6-7 Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 8 Lviv, Ukraine
  • 12-13 Elbląg, Poland
  • 13-14 Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
  • 20-21 Prague, Czech Republic

All results are already uploaded to our website and you can see the newest updated DSE Ranking as well


DSE Children European Grand Prix starts a new season

12th September 2018

Croatian Trophy 2018 in Zagreb was the first competition of DSE Children European Grand Prix series after summer vacation break. 83 couples from 8 countries were compited during last weekend in Zagreb.


You can see results and updated DSE Ranking on our website

We invite all of you for next DSE CHEGP events in September:

  • Slovak Open Championships 22-23.09 – Slovakia
  • Karkonosze Open 29-30.09 – Poland

All our future events are available in our calendar