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DanceSport Europe, DSE, is established to promote European perspective within World DanceSport. DSE collects its European member bodies together and offers a platform for discussing the future development of DanceSport in Europe. DSE discusses with different European networks as regards taking DanceSport closer to the Olympic family in a fair and active way. In addition, DSE supports its members for innovating new ideas in organizing competitions, for gaining more visibility and interest in media and in the eyes of sponsors. DanceSport Europe takes steps for establishing cups and competitions that have not been organized in Europe before and accordingly take the responsibility of developing the DSE competition calendar.

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The DSE GP SUPERFINAL of the YEAR 2024, after the deadline of the bidding process, was assigned to CROATIA. Zagreb will host in a friendly Christmas atmosphere on December 14th and 15th, couples who have travelled throughout the season across Europe to qualify for the SUPER FINAL and to fight to win the ranking.

Best competitions are just around the corner. All athletes participating in Dance Sport Europe’s Ranking Point System will face each other either in Warsaw on May 25, 2024 or in Zagreb 25/26 of May 2024.
Who will be the best? Let’s see. In the meantime don’t miss the chance to cheer your favorite couple.

We congratulate the organizers of Sun City Cup 2024 for the support given to Dancesport Europe and the development of competitions for younger categories. The DSE Children GP has been placed in Siauliai (LTU) on 20th and 21st of April 2024 and welcomed 85 athletes from 9 countries who competed on the dancefloor with honesty and enthusiasm.

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