DSE CHEGP 600 Euros Fee is REMOVED

24th August 2020

Dear Friends,
In connection with the outbreak of COVID-19 and  associated difficulties for DSE event organizers, the Managing Committee of DanceSport Europe made the following decisions in order to support the organizers of DSE Children European Grand Prix in current situation:
Starting from September 1st 2020 and until the end of 2020, the obligation to pay a fee of 600 euros is REMOVED from the organizers of DSE Children European Grand Prix.
The organizer will be only required to pay the cost of the medal package in the amount of 110 euros and possible postage for its delivery.
Hopefully it helps the organizers to run their event in those difficult times for all of us.

Best Regards,
DanceSport Europe President
Robert Wota



21st March 2020

Dear Member of DanceSport Europe,

In connection with the global precautions for COVID-19, WDSF and WDSF PD have already notified you about their decision to adjourn the WDSF AGM and WDSF PD AGM scheduled for June 12-14 in Belgrade.

Today, Saturday 21st of March 2020, the DSE Management Board decided unanimously to adjourn DSE Annual General Assembly, scheduled for June 12 in Belgrade.

We thank you in advance for your understanding during this unprecedented time.

Please stay safe.

With kind regards,

DanceSport Europe President
Robert Wota


New President and Managing Committee was elected

9th June 2019

On June 7th the WDSF Continental Association of Europe Annual General Meeting took place in Budapest Hungary.
One of the topics on the agenda was the election of the new Managing Committee.
Here by we are happy to announce the new members with in this committee:

  • Robert Wota (POL) President
  • Davide Cacciari (ITA) Vice President
  • Cristian Parnescu (ROU) General Secretary
  • Sergey Belyaev (FIN) Treasurer
  • Frederic Mosa (FRA) ordinary member
  • Alberto Rodrigues (POR) ordinary member
  • Guy Rosen (LUX) ordinary member

We congratulate each and everyone and wish them good luck in achieving their goals in this new chapter of DanceSport Europe!